re-telling climate change stories


Interviewers speak to farmers about sustainability at the local Boulder Farmer's Market, including those from McCauley Family farms, Oxford Gardens, and El Regalo Ranch.

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Long-form explanatory podcast dealing with the environmental cost of shower-taking (and water usage) in the United States.

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A brief introduction to the Comedy for Climate Change event

Humorous video comparing climate change to everyday life as a college student, with musical accompaniment.

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Lively skit parodying popular gameshow "The Price is Right", playing with the idea of future climatic conditions under current climate change scenarios. 

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Stand-up routine dealing with geopolitics in regards to international climate policy and the major players in climate change. Parallels are drawn to real life throughout. 

Video Tags: Geopolitics, Climate policy

Climate issues viewed through the lens of the typical CU Boulder party scene. Jokes about polar ice, emissions, and water issues. 

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Mother Nature appears as an eligible bachelorette in an homage to The Dating Game, featuring potential presidential candidates. Political comedy. 

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Snowboarders attempt to grapple with the science behind climate change in this short skit. 

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Guest standup routine featuring Beth Osnes as "Climate Change", a problem just looking for someone to show that they care. 

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Comedy skit featuring polar bears, riffing off of the Black Lives Matter movement and ASPCA ads. 

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