INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Communicates how movement is the key to life through which power and energy are formed.

Explains student pressure for universities to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Examines how the effects of climate change transcend political party lines.

University students set up a board in the middle of campus to hear from students what they think climate change is.


Incredible survival story of a man and his wife, who narrowly escaped the fatal flood of September 2013 in Lyons, Colordo. 

Suggests the best way to slow down the effects of climate change is to change our state of mind.

The Nicaragua Pueblo Project is an organization educating women in Nicaragua on improved earthen building practices that are better for the community and the environment.

Me, Myself, & I against Climate Change is a film about ways the average consumer can cut their carbon emissions in their everyday lives. It is a film that relates to the average American and provides basic solutions that could help stop the progression of Climate Change.

This film is a parody of A Christmas Carol. The film introduces the organization, “Protect Our Winters,” and informs viewers we must act now to save the future of snow sports. 

This film explores Green Guru.  The company works to use recycled parts to create bicycles.

This film discusses greener agriculture choices. The filmmaker tries to offer a simple solution to feeling hopeless about climate change- grow your own food!


This film highlights the difference in opinions when it comes to the environment and climate change. It shows two different stories and points of view. The film addresses an important aspect of our planet’s reality- there are seven billion people and not enough resources.

This is a funny film about a plastic bottle’s life. It uses humor to persuade the audience to recycle!

This film highlights the problems Colorado mountain culture faces because of our changing climate. It highlights the issues between preserving the land for cultures such as Native American tribes and creating snow for ski culture and the area's greatest tourism asset.

This film is a call to action. It highlights the relationship between humanity and the environment, and how it has changed over time. This film is a great tool to ignite the “action flame.”

This film is an explanation of the current climate science. The film talks to three scientists who talk about humanity’s part in the earth's future. While they express great concern for finding solutions, they also address that they have ideas and ways to combat the issue in the future. One scientist asserts, “renewable energy is a marketing issue.”