INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


When extreme weather causes flooding in Boulder, Colorado, students quickly learned that school cancellation isn't all fun and games when you consider what flood water consists of.

Sheds light on the ability to use hydroelectric power and solar to replace coal burning for energy.

Short animation on the connection between what we do today, and what that means for tomorrow. 

Children fingerpaint and provide commentary on what they dream the future will look like. 

Several "experts" discuss the importance of trees as a solution to global warming.

A comedic take of the very serious issue of drought consequences to farmers.

Demonstrate how impacts of climate change can inspire action through storytelling.


Movie trailer style film identifying a terrifying consequence of frequent extreme weather.

A couple of recreational skiers are faced with the tough reality of increasing global temperatures.

This fictional story tells about the land of the Poplings, and how they came together to fight climate change and save their town.

Students develop a game to help provoke thoughtful conversation surrounding current environmental topics.

An experiment designed to test if Pavlovian theory can be applied to changing an individual’s environmental behavior.

Informative video addressing the rapid melting of the Arapaho Glacier, and resulting water issues.

Watch this video to see how elementary school students respond when asked questions about climate change.

Review of devastating fires in Colorado, and the connection to climate change.

Examines CO2 emissions from the viewpoint of touring regional bands.